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Two Urban Boomers Prove You Don't Need
To Retire To Move To Paradise

This is a story of transformation for anyone interested in shaking up their lives. The authors had no particular reason to leave their friends and community of 40 years. They were content with their lives, and with the financial crash of 2008 felt they had little wherewithal to move to any kind of an exotic location- particularly to the wine country of Northern California. Then one afternoon their life view changed. Why this Shift happened, how they did it, and how they fell in love with the beauty and bounty of West County Sonoma is what this book Shouts about.

“As someone who has been studying people who have been creatively designing a fulfilling Third Age, I am impressed and inspired by how Dewey and Susan have collaborated to create the life they truly want after 60. I think their personal story, which is so compellingly written, will help others take the practical steps needed to build the vision and plans needed to realize their own dreams.”

—William A. Sadler, Ph.D., author (with James Krefft) of The Third Age: 6 Principles of Growth and Renewal after Forty, and Changing Course: Navigating Life after 50

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Shift and Shout
Shift and Shout
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